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Hedi's Furniture

Services Provided

1. Graphic Design
2. Strategy & Content for Social Media
3. Social Media Paid Ads


Wellesley, MA

Project type

Photoshoot, Strategy, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

Hedi's Furniture, a distinguished furniture e-commerce establishment with physical presence in Wellesley and Chestnut Hill, MA, stands as a premium purveyor of home and outdoor furnishings since its in 2021.

The founder of Hedi's Furniture sought to elevate brand recognition through strategic social media growth, with a primary focus on augmenting online sales via the flagship e-commerce platform,

Strategic Approach:
Menves, our accomplished team, initiated the initiative by conducting a comprehensive analysis of website analytics and existing social media channels. Following a meticulous competitor analysis, we devised a multifaceted action plan, including:
• Formulating a 3-month social media strategy.
• Crafting compelling content featuring authentic videos and photos from the showroom to foster trust and drive local foot traffic.
• Executing a brand awareness campaign channeling visitors to the website.
• Launching targeted social media ads on Facebook and Instagram to simultaneously boost followers, engagement, and brand awareness.
• Introducing a first-time buyer discount to incentivize conversions.
• Implementing automated email campaigns for newsletter sign-ups.
• Incorporating a Pinterest profile, resulting in a notable 10% increase in organic website visitors.

The outcomes of our strategic endeavors were remarkable:
• Over a span of 3 months, Instagram following and engagement experienced an impressive surge of 733%.
• Online sales witnessed a substantial growth of 23%, validating the success of our comprehensive digital marketing approach.

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